August 2022

We were living in N. Ft. Meyers, FL when the Lord led us to move to Baldwin County, AL. God orchestrated the entire move. We did not even have to put our house on the market, a man walked up to our home and asked if I was ready to sell. After agreeing on a selling price and setting a closing date, my wife and I headed to Alabama to find a home to move into. First day out, the Lord again provided: we found our new home, agreed on a purchase price and closing date. The home we sold was a three-bedroom, one bath, 960 square feet, built in 1961 on 1/2 acre and our new home is a three-bedroom, two bath, 1600 square feet, built in 2002 on one acre with a storage shed and a 2-car garage. The day after we closed on our Florida home, we closed on our Alabama home and with the help of our brothers in Christ we moved in and began unpacking. Jehovah-Jireh has indeed provided everything and more: the sale price of our Florida home far exceeded the purchase price of our Alabama home. To God be all the glory, honor, and praise.

J. Denkhaus. Stapleton, AL

August 2022

Late in the afternoon on a Thursday in August 2022, two incidents occurred. During a lightning storm our power temporarily went out. When the electric came back on, our 1-year-old refrigerator did not come back on. Rather then becoming upset, we asked Holy Spirit for guidance and called the warranty service. The earliest their Tech could come would be on Monday, four days away. We put two bags of ice in the fridge to keep the contents cold. Then, before retiring for the evening, I ate several crackers for a snack. While eating I felt something sharp and found that a piece of one tooth had broken. The following morning I called and scheduled an appointment with my dentist for the following Monday. Meanwhile, my husband got the refrigerator warranty book and found in the problem-solving section a note which said to unplug the fridge for three full minutes before plugging it back in. We did and cancelled the service call. The fridge came back on and is still running. I went to the dentist on Monday and found that it was a small, old filling which had come out. He repaired the filling and told me there was no charge. To God be the glory!

P. Wiggins, Loxley, AL

July 2022

About 30 years ago, my blood was checked for cholesterol and triglycerides. The results were -CRITICAL HIGH.

I was put on a regimen of multiple medications, but nothing changed. After years of being on multiple medications, I was sent to a specialist. This specialist tired multiple combinations of medications with little success.

I was prayed for, and began declaring that all lab work would return normal. This past January, I began seeing a new doctor, who took me off all but 1 medication. This July, my lab work came back PERFECT!

This is a God miracle. I am rejoicing for God’s goodness.

Lori P. Robertsdale, AL

July 2022

On July 28, 2022 I actually heard God’s voice for the first time. I had been going through a very rough trying time for the past week and I was praying constantly to God, wanting to hear His voice, needing answers, but mostly needing peace. On Thursday night I was praying very hard and suddenly I heard His voice. I quickly became calm and listened. I had a conversation with God. After the conversation I felt calm. I felt like I knew what needed to be done. But mostly I felt at peace, and I still have peace today.

D. Jackson Silverhill, AL

November 2020

I awoke one morning in November with an enormous amount of red blood loss from my bowel. After a morning of resisting tormenting thoughts coming at me, the Spirit of God rose up in ne and I screamed, “Shut up, I’ve had enough. Just shut up!” Immediately the voices stopped and so did the bleeding

P. Wiggins, Loxley, AL


In August my prostate exam yielded concerning high numbers. My doctor ordered a urine sample to be sent to a lab for analysis in September. It returned with a “positive” on it which, in my doctor’s words, meant a “high probability of significant cancer” He then ordered an MRI to see if the exact location of the cancer could be determined. Many Prayer Warriors came along side me to declare and command healing and health to enter my body. The MRI was done on 10/29/21 And the results were NEGATIVE !! NO CANCER DETECTED!! Hallelujah! Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit you get all the glory.

Joe P.


During Prayer time on Wednesday (10/27/21) we had been talking about being led by the Spirit of God. Later in the day as I was leaving the restaurant where I had eaten lunch, it felt like I had a piece of food stuck in one of my front teeth. Getting into my car and looking in the mirror I saw it was actually a chipped tooth. My first thought was to go home and call the dentist for an appointment. Then it came to my mind to just drive around to the dentist office and make the appointment since I was only a few blocks away. I followed the thought and drove to the office. I got out, went in and told the front desk assistant that I had just chipped my tooth during lunch and needed to make an appointment to get it fixed. I expected her to tell me it would be at least a week before getting in. However someone had just cancelled their appointment and they took me back immediately and repaired my tooth. When checking out I was told there was no charge. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Patricia W.


On Sunday September 13, 2021 I started having signs of a stroke. I went to the ER and was told I did have a stroke. I was able to be released from the hospital on Tuesday. I left the hospital at 3pm and showed up for my class at 6pm. I just really felt that’s where I needed to be. My family at GCPHC prayed over me. During the next weeks I continued going to classes and the Sunday prayer group. My ministry continued to pray for me. When I had my checkup with the neurologist he was amazed. He said he had never seen anyone heal as fast as I was healing. I was already as far along as someone that had been in therapy for 6 months. The stroke affected the left side of my body.  Today is October 25th and I am almost fully healed. I have continued to pray and so has my ministry family for my complete healing. My doctor at every visit tells me he is amazed at the way I have healed. I told him I am not because God has my back.

Diana J.